Friday, March 14, 2008

Norah's Year in Review

Norah's first year has sped by so quickly that we are scratching our heads, trying to decide where the time has gone. Norah is a composed and easy-going little girl. A perfect addition to our family that tends to be a little more on the noisy side. She adores her brother and sister and thinks they are the most clever people.

Here are a few highlights from her first year:

A visit from Darby and Elliette.

A summer-time nap with Grandma Veloy.

A trip with Mom all the way to New Zealand. I think everyone who saw her on that trip will agree that Norah was the most perfect and well-behaved baby imaginable.

A Harry Potter Halloween, with Norah starring as Dobby!

Fancy prep-school clothes.

Christmas naps with Grandma Jan.

The first chocolate chip cookie.