Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Family Emergency

Someone must intervene immediately. Our Uncle Andrew has clearly gone insane and started carting around a beige caterpillar on his upper lip. It is the only explanation we can come up with. Kristen, quick... get rid of that thing!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Our Mom has been saying for ages that she wants to update our blog, but couldn't find the camera cord, so all was lost. Then, she realized that our new computer has one of those nifty slots on it that you can just pop in your memory card. What a waste of time....

Without further ado, here are our Halloween pictures.
Maren was a traditional witch. She wanted a green face, but Mom kept forgetting to buy the green face paint. Poor Maren wasn't able to be ugly like she wanted to be. (Note from Mom: it would take a lot of work to make Maren look ugly.)

Harrison was a ninja. Grandma even bought him double ninja swords. Sweet!Norah was a "Princess Witch." The costume was actually called "Rose Witch" but Norah would have nothing to do with such foolishness. It was "princess witch" or nothing.

We got to do our trick-or-treating up in Alpine with our Smith cousins. How cool is that?

Now that Mom has that little computer glitch worked out, maybe she'll get more "on the ball" with this blogging-thing.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

October in Review

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Halloween pictures soon to follow!