Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Even though we are really excited to move to Utah, we are sad to be leaving the best neighborhood ever. Here are some things we are really going to miss about living on the circle.

The playhouse. It might be filled with bees, but it's the best place ever for squealing and for posing at the window.

The swings. Where else can you hang out in a getup like this and have no one think badly of your mother for letting you have a tatooed stomach?

Neighborhood water fights. Our mom says that it's unusual to have a gang of kids who are all friends and range in age from 1 - 12. The sprinklers bring us all together.

Beautiful flowering trees. For one magical week every spring we live in a wonderland of pink petals.

Spur of the moment BBQs. There's nothing more fun that having dinner outside with all your bestfriends. The marshmallows are just a bonus!

Wide open spaces. It's on these fields that we learned to ride bikes, fly kites, walk on stilts and fly ginormous paper airplanes.

But, of course, what we'll miss the most is all of our friends. You've been the best neighbors that any boy, girl, mom or dad could ever hope for. You had all better come and visit.