Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Battlecreek Canyon

A few weeks ago, we took ourselves up to Pleasant Grove, and struck out into the mountains. It was a lovely, late summer evening, and Battlecreek Canyon is a great place to explore.
At first, Maren wasn't too jazzed about our family adventure, but she cheered up as Mom told the story of Robin Hood. She's an expert on those types of things, you know.

The waterfall was really misty and cool on a hot summer's night.

Harry poked around in every "cave" he found, looking for bears, cougars and snakes. Looks like he found a bear.... oh wait, that's just Harry.
And then, because some poor town in Utah was being threated by flames, we were blessed with a beautiful sunset.
We really love this new place we get to call home.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First Day of School

It's official, the Smith kids are "school" kids. Monday morning arrived with cheerfulness and excitement. Despite some first-day jitters, Maren and Harry were thrilled to start "back to school."

Harrison, Age 4 -- Pre-K

Maren, Age 8 -- 3rd Grade

(Isn't her uniform so cute?)

Just goofing off before we piled into the car!

Maren was cool as a cucumber, and refused a hug from Mom as she took herself off to her classroom. Harry dismissed Mom and Norah from the Pre-K room after a measly 5 minutes. "I'm busy now, you can go." Poor Norah was not pleased to leave.