Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Growing Up

Mom has been putting off blogging about Maren's birthday, because she is having a hard time believing that Maren is 9!

Even though Mom can't swallow the fact that Maren is as close to being a teenager and she is to being a kindergartener, the fact remains that Maren's birthday has come and gone, and deserves some blog-props.

Maren enjoyed a party with her gal-pals from school. There was chalk drawing, game playing, food scarfing, gift opening, and lots of girl giggling.

Maren then chose to go to the Bombay House for her birthday dinner. Her parents couldn't have been prouder. Between the Naan, Chicken Pakora and Basmati rice, the kids all filled themselves up on food that they were thrilled to discover they actually liked! We tried the chicken coconut kurma for the first time (yum-o) and Maren was treated to a very special dessert. She made a great restaurant choice!
In honor of her birthday, here are nine words that describe Maren.
1. Thoughtful
2. Quirky
3. Reader
4. Responsible
5. Joker
6. Creative
7. Kind
8. Smart
9. Loved

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Glorious Norah

Norah is a great big three year old. Can you believe it?

Here are some things that everyone should know about Norah.

1. Norah loves clothes and picks out her own outfits everyday. Mom only edits if there is extreme conflicts with weather or pattern.

2. Norah is a snacker. She likes to eat just a little bit every 90 minutes or so. 7:30 -- gogurt. 9:00 -- goldfish. 10:30 -- ham rolls. 12:00 -- crackers & cheese and cucumbers. 1:30 -- banana. 3:00 -- whatever she can convince Aunt Anna to feed her. 4:30 -- applesauce. 6:00 -- dinner (a little bite here and there.) 7:30 -- dinner round 2. Mom should just accept that this is the way it is, and not by annoyed that she is constantly feeding Norah.

3. Norah loves to sing and dance. Her life has a constant soundtrack playing in her head. Sometimes, we get to hear it too. "Climbing up the stairs, climbing up the stairs, here I go, here I go, climbing up the stairs" is what we heard this morning.

4. Norah eats the frosting off the top of her cupcakes. For Norah's birthday this year, Mom got smart and made mini-cupcakes, and she, Aunt Brittney and Cousin Ellie decorated them with frosting roses. That way, Norah could have lots of frosting and just a little cake.

5. Norah can entertain herself for long periods of time. Dressing up, Little People and Disney Princesses can keep her occupied for solid 30 minute chunks of time, where she dismisses mom ("go away, I'm busy") and happily talks to herself and her toys. While this is blissful in some ways, it does equal large amounts of mess. As happy as she is to get lots of toys out, Norah does not like to pick them up.
6. Every day with Norah is a treat. If you're feeling gloomy, having Norah climb up on your lap, stroke your cheek and give you a kiss will turn you right around. She's magic like that.