Tuesday, July 03, 2012

More From Park City

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Park City

A few days in Park City can really get a summer started!

The very first thing we did once we got to Park City was the Alpine Slide. It was a mixture or pure terror, extreme fun, and utter shock. All of us went  super fast (except for the freak on the right.)

Our hotel was super fun with all the old video games, the pool (and hot tub), and the fact we were actually in Park City!

On the way out of Park City, we stopped to find a letterbox.
along with the letterbox we also found pure fun trying to climb the Olympic Circles (only two of them though). It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip in Park City.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Grizzly Gulch

Today we went on a hike up in Grizzly Gulch. It was hot out and by the end we were all tired, but it was so pretty!

Crossing log bridges over a stream kept Harry busy for at least five
minutes. I don't know what's wrong with him, or if he just thinks that crawling on logs over freezing water is fun.

Can you see the snake in this picture? It's pretty hidden. It was super cool for all of us(except Norah.) Norah got really scared so we had to leave before we could get a better picture of it.

We had lots of fun at the stream throwing rocks and playing Pooh Sticks. Harry and Dad climbed up onto the huge rock in the middle of the stream.  Dad just stood there and Harry chucked rocks as far as he could. There is nothing better than standing on a rock in the middle of a freezing cold stream. Ah, what
a life!

 Along the hike, we saw a lot of stuff horses left behind.  The only thing we liked that the horses left behind was some hoof prints. The hoof prints didn't smell as much as the other stuff.

This was the sign at the beginning of the trail, luckily we didn't see any bears. Norah was talking about how when she came here with her friend they didn't see any bears, so she was confident that there weren't any bears this time. The hike was super fun and really pretty, and we hope we can come again.