Wednesday, March 03, 2010

How we fill the time

That hour between dinner and bedtime can really drag sometimes. Here's how Norah is spending her time tonight.

A bowl of change, and an empty "piggy"bank are all Norah needs to keep her happy and occupied during the witching hour.
Notice the potty-chair in the background. It's close at "hand" at all times.

Monday, March 01, 2010

An Olympic Celebration

We had a super fun time watching the Olympics over the past few weeks. Our favorite events were the sliding events. We got really excited about them after we went to visit the Olympic Park up in Park City. They have a really cool little museum all about the Winter Olympics that has all sorts of hands-on displays and it's free. Here we are, building our Olympic dreams.

All of us on the bobsled.

Norah, the skeleton racer.

Maren on luge and Harry on skeleton.

Harry on luge.

Raising the Olympic Flame!

Dad loves curling, and Mom adores the skating, but we know that sliding down icy tracks is where it's at!